Our Products

Foreign Body Forceps

The Foreign Body Forcep Biopsy Needle provided by us is used in various surgical operations. This forcep is used to remove any foreign body during the surgical process. It is available to clients in an array of specifications of size and length.

Features :
• Used for foreign body removal
• Hassle free disposal
• Easy to maneuver
• Shiny look
• Can be sterilized easily
• Commonly used in surgeries

Polypectomy Snare

In order to make the removal of polyps in everyday hospital routine C15 efficienT 05 1005511313. SynoCare has developed 0 new program of disposable polypectomy snares which perfectly combines quoiity w11h cost effectiveness.
Each oval snare is made of specially stranded wire, which convinces by its good radial force, high dimensional stability and precise cutting properties. The 3-ring-handle gives you c: secure hold and transmits every movement reliably to the snare.
The power connection is mounted independent from the 2-ring conductor on the distal end of the hand piece. This prevents 1116 connected power cord from moving when the snare is opened and closed. which facilitates its handling even more.

Performance Characteristics:
• very comfortobie 10 use
• reliable and safe
• innovative power connection
• ergonomic 3-ring handle
• excelient cutting characteristics
• high strength Of shape

Cytology Brush

The Syno Care cytology brush can be very easily pushed forward to the desired site through the endoscope and the lesion can then actually be brushed off without effort. The thin bristles enable a tissue sparing cytologic smear. The plastic tube and the distal ball for closure protect the tissue sample when the device is retracted. A potential contamination of the sample or even a loss of sample is thus excluded.

Performance Characteristics:
• thin brushes for en optimal collection of cells
• including plastic tube and metal head for closure
• for endoscopes with a working channel diameter above 2.0 mm
• sterile single packaging

Multi-Stage Dilation Balloon

SynoCare Disposable Multistage Dilation Balloon Catheter is designed to produce three distinct diameters at three separate pressures during in procedure.
Furthermore, the high-pressure design ensures that the balloon retains its shape over the entire working length. thereby allowing optimum dilution success.
Under different application of pressure, the balloon very rapidly acquires its precisely predefined expansion width.
Excellent workmanship end the use of premium materials. ensure that the Syno Care balloons achieve the highest possible quality standard.

Performance Characteristics:
• three distinct diameters at three separate pressures
• 2 X-ray markings
• separate guide wire and insufflation lumens
• cortical shaped catheter tip
•  very rapid expansion
• guide-wire compatible Up to 0.035 inches

Esophageal Stents

SynoCare provides you with c: comprehensive selection of self-expanding stents for bypassing esophageal stenoses. The stents are characterized by very high flexibility end are available with end without covering. The working diameter of the stent is 20, 24 or 28 mm: as regards the lengths. models of between 80 end 140 mm are available. The optimum solution is therefore always at hand for every indication.

Performance Characteristics:
•  serf-expanding
•  Nitinol mesh with atraumatic ends
•  excellent positional stability
•  high redial force
•  resistant and elastic covering
•  fully covered stents available
•  high radiopacity
•  extraction threads for removal and repositioning
•  compatible guide-wire Up to 0.035 inches

Biopsy Valve

Performance Characteristics:
•  Used for tucking in the entry of endoscope channel
•  Prevent the contents in working channel from reflux without obstructing normal endoscopic procedures
•  The channel valves fit on Olympus and Pentax endoscopes

Sclerotherapy Needle

Indications for endoscopy to introduce o sclerosing agent or Vasoconstriction into selected sites to control actual or potential 1eeding lesions in the digestive system; and the injection of saline to aid in Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR), polypectomy procedures and to control non-variceal hemorrhage

Performance Characteristics:
•  Look to ensure that it would not accidentally extend during insertion to damage the scope and to have a stable needle penetration
•  Needle release button design. gently press the button to return the needle fully into the sheath for protecting the endoscope from any damage.
•  Ergonomic handle design: complete needle insertion and with drawal with one hand.

Hydrophilic Zebra Guidewires

The Guide Wires program ideally complements the range of stents and thus facilitates their exact positioning and placement. All guide wires are manufactured out of bending-resistance and torsion-proof Nitinol. Owing to their hydrophilic tips, the wires safely find their way even into areas and stenosis which are hard to reach. This is supported by the wire's high rigidity and controllability .

Performance Characteristics:
•  The atraumatic distal tip is made of soft polymeric material with hydrophilic coating to facilitate ease of connulotion
•  The core is made of super elastic alloy to prevent kinking